Adams Bibles

Submitted by: Dee Fisher

I am in possession of copies of the family records pages. The people
recorded in these bibles should be from Jefferson, Shelby and Nelson
Counties in Kentucky.

1. Bible of John Thomas and Jennie B. (Jupin) ADAMS.
John T. Adams, born April 24, 1849.
Jennie B. Adams, born January, 1849

Clarence C. Adams, born April 9, 1872
John W. Adams, born Aug. 29, 1873
Thomas E. C. Adams, born Sept.14, 1877
Ollie. W. Adams, born Oct. 10, 1879
Pearl Adams (can't read)
Maud May. Adams, born April 8, 1884
(can't read) born April 21, 1886.
Next Column: next generation:
Ruth D. daughter of C.C. and L.A. Adams, Oct. 23, 1893
Etta Mayrel, daughter of C.C. and L.A. Adams, Jan. 17, 1895
Oscar E., son of T.G. and P. Moore, March 22, 1896
Robert L., son of W.H. and M. Adams, Nov. 8, 1897
Chestor R., son of C.C. and L.A. Adams, July 16, 1897
Daughter of T.G. & P. Moore, Jan. 29, 1898
Alice V. daughter of C. C. & L.A. Adams, Oct. 24, 1899

John W. Adams died Mar. 27, 1877
Etta Mayrel Adams died Nov. 17, 1896
On the 10th day of August 1853, Martha E. Adams in the 27th year of her
age. Daughter of J & M BRINLY
On the 9th day of August 1856, Mary Brinly in the 51st year of her age.
Wife of J. Brinly and daughter of J. BRADBURY.


2. Bible of Clarence Clifton and Alice Elizabeth (Blankenbaker) ADAMS
First page is record of their marriage;

Clarence C. ADAMS of Louisville and Lizzie Alice BLANKENBAKER of
Middletown, State of Kentucky were united in Holy Matrimony on the 30th
day of November 1892 in Middletown, Ky. by Jacob Keller.
Albert ADAMS
Nesbit H. DUKE

Clarence Clifton Adams Sr. April 9, 1872
Lizzie Alice Adams July 12, 1874

Ruth DeVere Adams Oct. 23, 1893
Etta Mayrel Adams Jan. 18, 1895
Chestor Roland Adams July 16, 1897
Alice Viola Adams Oct. 24, 1899
L.D. Franklin Adams Jan. 14, 1902
Bertha Francis Adams June 2, 1904
Edith Verginia Adams Nov. 13, 1906
Irma Louise Adams June 1, 1909
Clarence Clifton Adams Jr. Jan. 8, 1912
Alice Verle Adams May 19, 1914
Florence Elizabeth Adams Oct. 12, 1918


Ruth DeVere ADAMS to John Kelly NICHOLS June 30, 1914
Bertha Francis ADAMS to William MENNEN Oct. 29, 1921
Edith Verginia ADAMS to Albert Elroy SCHUMM Dec. 28, 1940

Erma Louise ADAMS to Ernest Edward KONRAD
Clarence C. ADAMS Jr. to Clara Verda ROCHELLE
Alice Verle ADAMS to Raymond Edward BENNETT
Apr. 15, 1932


Etta Mayrel Adams Oct. 17, 1895
Chestor Roland Adams Dec. 28, 1900
L.D. Frankiln Adams Jan. 8, 1903
Clarence C. Adams Sr. Oct. 28, 1927
Bertha Francis Mennen July 22, 1955
Lizzie Alice Adams May 18, 1958