Hazel Bible

Submitted by: Maria Troutman

I own this Bible, but it is currently in a lock box in KY, and I am in
Germany. I have photocopies I made from it, but I did a bad job of checking
my photocopies before locking my Bible up. There is one birth on here that
tells a family secret, but that birth is not fully copied, so I can't put in
the date. I do feel it's time for the curtain to be raised as the people it
happened to are long ago dead, time to tell the grandchildren of their true
heritage, but to also make them appreciate the name they have even more, as
their grandfather married the woman and raised the child as his own son.

Hyrum Lawson Hazel was born July 8th, 1846.
Cloa Ann Bean Hazel was born Aug. 26th, 1851.
Charles Caleb Hazel was born Nov. 3rd, 1867, on Saturday.
Hyram Benjamin Hazel was born Sept. 15th, 1869, Wednesday.
Susan Amanda Hazel was born Sept. 23rd, 1871, Saturday.
James Robert Hazel was born Dec. 8th, 1872, Sunday.
Luther Franklin Hazel was born Sept. 8th, 1874, Tuesday.
William Marion Hazel was born Sept. 6th, 1876, Sunday night.
Cloa Eliza Hazel was born May 20, 1878, Monday.
Urie Lee Hazel was born Aug. 16, 1880, Sunday night.
Curril Edwin Hazel was born June 20th, 1883, Wednesday eve.
(my note, this is where the next birth is that I didn't get copied all the
way. James R. S. son of Wm. Marion Hazel and a woman who married another
man, I know the child's name, but will not put the full name in here, yet)

Hyrum Lawson Hazel and Cloa Ann Been were married Oct. 12th, 1866, Friday.
Hyram Benjamin Hazel and Nora Ollie Collins wer married Oct.1898 (the 1898
is in a different handwriting)
Cloa Eliza Hazel and Ewel Jeffrey Travis were married Dec. 28th, 1899.
William Marion Hazel and Linda Catherine Mead - Chapin were married Oct.
14th, 1905.*
Linda Catherine Mead Hazel was born Feb. 13, 1879. *
Bertha Kylind Hazel was born Aug. 17, 1879.*
Curril Edwin Hazel & Bertha Ryling were married Apr. 19, 1911.*

Charles Caleb Hazel died Nov. 26th, 1865.
Susan Amanda Hazel died Feb. 24th, 1872, Wednesday.
James Robb. Hazel died Oct. 16th, 1873. Wednesday
Luther Franklin Hazel died Oct. 22nd 1874. Thursday
Urie Lee Hazel died April 16th, 1901. Tuesday, 10:30pm
Hyram Benjamin Hazel died Aug. 4th, 1901 Sunday, 11:30pm
Cloa Eliza (Lida) Hazel Travis died April 19, 1906 2:30pm*
Cloa Ann Bean Hazel died May 16, 1907*
Hyrum Lawson Hazel died July 11, 1924, 12:30*
Jeffrey Travis Jr. died Sept. 8, 1948*
Susan Ellen Bean died March 6th, 1868. Friday
Eliza Emeline Bean Hazel died Feb. 17, 1882. Friday
John Smallwood died March 7th, 1882.
Hyrum Lawson Hazel died July 11th, 1924, age 83yr.*
Ewell Jeffrey Travis died Nov. 2, 1952, Wednesday 3:45 pm*
William Marion Hazel died on March 25th, 1953*
Tuesday pm 3:45 (marked through)*

* is a heavier, darker, sloppier looking handwriting.

Hiram is a brother to my great great grandfather Richard Marlin Hazel.