Hill Bible

Submitted by Claire Quortrup

Family Bible of Henry H. Hill

The front cover has imprinted in gold letters: HENRY H. HILL FROM MRS.
HENRY W. JONES. From the Title Page: The Holy Bible Containing The Old
and New Testments in the Common Version with Amendments of the Language
By Noah Webster, LL.D. Published by Durrie & Peck, New Haven, 1833. Sold
by Hezekiah Howe & Co., and A. H. Maltby, New Haven; and by N. & J.
White, New York.

The records are recorded in several different colors of ink and
obviously by several different people. The Bible has remained in the
family, passing to Henry H. Hill's granddaughter and then to her son.


Henry H. Hill and Maanry E. Hauser Married 12th of April 1859 at
Falmouth Pendelton Co Ky. at the same time & place Edward W Knight and
Thedosia M Hauser

[Page 2] BIRTHS

Nora Robbins Hill born in Falmouth Pendleton Co Ky on the 5th of January

George Hauser Hill born in Canoe Creek Township Rock Island Co Ill on
the 14th of November 1861

Helen Hill born in Canoe Creek Township Rock Island Co Ill November 12th

Henry Dixon Hill born in Covington Kentucky December 1st 1868 7 oclock

May Hill born Moline Ill 3 oclock P M July 25 1872

Samuel Tho Hauser Hill born Saturday 1 oclock A M October 24th 1874

Geo Hastings Hill son of Geo Hauser Hill born Dec 25th 1892

Eunice Hill daughter of G. H. Hill born at (Lenox) Helena Mont August 24


Nora Robbins Hill married to Wm C. Humbert January 17th 1883 at Moline,

George Hauser Hill married Oct 21 1891 to Miss Florence Child at
Episcopal Church Helena Mont Rev Wm Webb

Mae Hill married June 26th 1894 to Dr. Alan B. Murray at home in Lenox
Helena Mont Rev T. V. Moore

Geo. Hastings Hill son of Geo Hauser & Florence C. Hill married to
Isabelle Durnin at Forest Hills, Long Island N. Y. June 6, 1923, at high
noon. (Just below this entry in pencil - "Died May 1st 1966)

Eunice Hill, daughter of George Hauser and Florence Child Hill married
to William Quortrup at Richmond Hill Long Island N. Y. April 7 1926

Born to Eunice Hill Quortrup and William Quortrup a son William Hastings
Quortrup - October 4, 1927 in Richmond Hill, N. Y.

[Page 4} DEATHS

Helen Hill died in Clinton Clinton Co Iowa on the 25th of February 1870
of scarlet fever aged 6 years 3 months & 13 days

Henry Dixon Hill died at Moline Nov 28th 2:45 P.M. 1884 15 yrs 11 mos 27
days old

Nora Robbins Hill died in Helena Montana November 3rd 1885 at 3 oclock
P.M. 25 yrs 9 mos 28 days old

Maanry E Hill died in Falmouth Ky June 6th 1901

George Hauser Hill died of pneumonia April 11 1922 at 11:40 A.M. Forest
Hill L.I.

Mae Hill - wife of allen B. Murray died in Helens Montana

Florence Child Hill died in New York (Douglaston Long Island) Jan 10,
1937 at 4:50 P.M. of pneumonia 65 years old

[Page 5]

Samuel Thomas Hauser Hill married Elizabeth Nelson Helena, Montana

Daughter Florence Hill born Aug. 15, 1917 - Helena Montana

Married Ladorn Waldon Hall Nov 1, 1940 Calif.

William Hastings Quortrup son of Eunice Hill Quortrup & William Quortrup
married to Emily Claire Pratt of Sulphur Springs Texas on June 28th,

William Hastings Quortrup Jr Born March 11, 1952

Helen Patricia Quortrup Born Sept 18 1953

Robert Hill Quortrup Born Nov 14, 1956

On the title page dividing the Old and New Testament the line "by Noah
Webster, LL.D." is followed by "whose daughter Mrs. H. W. Jones
presented me this book in Bridgeport Conn 1847 Henry H. Hill. Henry H.
Hill attended the Cottage School on Golden Hill in Bridgeport, Conn.
whose Principal at the time was the Rev. Henry Jones.

Henry H. Hill, according to the Helena, Montana 1900 Census was born
1825 in Rhode Island. His wife Maanry Hauser was born 1835 in Pendleton
Co. KY and was the daughter of Samuel Thomas Hauser and Mary Ann
According to the information recorded in the birth and death records of
Henry and Maanry's children the family moved a good deal. In an old
newspaper clipping from a Helena, MT paper reporting the death of Maanry
Hauser Hill in Falmouth, KY on June 6, 1901 it is reported the family
moved to Helena, MT about 1887. Samuel T. Hauser (b. 1833 Falmouty, KY),
Maanry's brother had been in Montana for some time and served as
Territorial Governor of that state in 1885-86.

Text of Newspaper clipping found attached to Page 1 of Bible records:

Mrs. H. H. Hill Dies At Her Old Home

Mother of George H. Hill Passes Away at Falmouth, Kentucky

News was received in Helena yesterday of the death at Falmouth,
Kentucky, of Mrs. H. H. Hill, for a number of years a resident of this
city. Mrs. Hill has not been in good health for some time, and last year
she went east in the hope of being benefitted. She visited her daughter
in New York state, and afterwards went to her old home at Falmouth,
Kentucky. For some years Mrs. Hill had been suffering from heart
trouble, and death finally resulted from that cause.
Mrs Hill came to Montana about 14 years ago from Moline, Ill., with her
husband, H. H. Hill. She leaves three children, George H., of this city,
Thomas, who is at falmouth, and a married daughter in New York, Mrs. May
Murphy. She leaves two brothers, former Governor S. T. Hauser, and H.
D. Hauser, of this City, and two sisters, Mrs. E. W. Knight and Mrs. J.
H. Barbour.

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