Locke Bible

BIBLE: Lock, Anderson Co Ky

Transcribed from the page of a Bible
(believed to be)
by Ron Locke, Sep 1996


James L Lock Born, March 6,1825
Ursula Lock (Sample) Born, Sept 30, 1843
Robert Lock Born, October 12, 1798 (James’s father)
Mary Lock (Holeman) Born, July 27th, 1798 (James’s mother)
Elizabeth Ann Lock Born, Nov 1st, 1821
Sarah Jane Lock Born, Sept 15th, 1823
William Harvey Lock Born, Dec 21st, 1827
Reuben H. Lock Born, Sept 13, 1829
Naomi Lock Born, March 23, 1831
Martha Ann Lock Born, Oct 26th, 1832
Turner H. Lock Born, Jan 27th, 1834
Nancy E. Lock Born, March 24th, 1836
Lucretia L Lock Born Oct 29th, 1838
Thomas W. Lock Born, Feb 28th, 1840
George R. Lock Born, Aug 13th, 1841

NOTE: The above is an exact copy of the entries on the page I have
in my possession from a copy of a bible,(except those entries in
parentheses which I have added). This family lived in Anderson County
KY for at least some of the time. (It is known Reuben and Nancy were
born there.) It is still unknown exactly where Robert and his wife
Mary were born as there are conflicting entries in several census
reports, some list KY and others list OH. The date for Thomas,
specifically the year, maybe an 1845, but I believe based on the order
of entry, i.e. after 1838 and before 1841, it is an 1840.

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