Morgan Bible

BIBLES: Morgan Family bibles
From: ShaneDD <ShaneDD@aol.com>

The following pages were photocopied by Larry Morgan. There are 4 pages
from one bible and 2 from an older unknown Morgan bible, the two types
of pages have different borders on them. The original Morgan bible is
now in the possession of Gladys (Leonard) Morgan. The bible originally
belonged to Henry & Emilly Morgan.
I have transcribed the photocopies exactly as they were written,
including capitalization, punctuation & spelling. It is apparent by the
handwriting, that three different people made entries. Most of the
entries were written with a quill pen.

Morgan Bible # 1


Douters of
H.C. Morgan and Emilly

Mary Edda Morgan died in Louisville Ky.
Febuary the (13) 1863

Turresa Walker Morgan
died in Larue County
Age Seven Months and
Twenty days 1873

Thomas David Morgan
died in Larue County Ky
in his fifth year
December 26th 1875

Julius L. Morgan
died April the 1
in Hardin Co 1876

James F Morgan
died in Larue Co
Age thirteen.
April the 3 1882

Emily Monion Morgan Died
June the 23 1917 in Larue Co

Henry C. Morgan
died in Larue County
in his forty seccont year
April 2, 1875

W N Morgan Died
in Hardin Co Ky in
his 28 year January
the 23 1888

Martha M. Wood died
in her fourtyth year
April 1 1903

Ezra Wood
died in Hardin Co
in his Sixty fourth year
January the 15 1876

Emily M. Morgan
died in Larue county
in her (faded / unreadable)
Year June 23 1917


James Eugene Wood
Born Dec. 16, 1890.
Married Miss Glayds Johnsey
Dec 11, 1911
Was Killed By Turner Graham while trying to aresst Graham
Dec 10, 1914

Henry C. Morgan
was born Clark county
(Ind) January the 13. 1834

Emilly Monion Wood
was born in Hardin
County Kentucy
December the 18. 1839

Willey N. Morgan was
born March the (7) 1859
Hardin county Ky

Mary Edda Morgan was
born March the (4) 1861
Hardin county Ky

Martha Mc. Morgan was
born September the 17. 1863 Hardin county Ky

Ezra Lee Morgan was born December the 24 1866
Larue county Ky

James Zedick Morgan was
born January the 12. 1869
Larue county Ky

Thomas David Morgan was born April the 6. 1871
Larue county Ky

Lucy Jane Wood was
born September the 23 1848

Turresa Walker Morgan
Was born April the (25) 1873
Larue county Kenucky

Julius Lorenzo Morgan
was born in Larue county
October the 27. 1874

Ezra Wood was
bornd December the 27 1813

Martha N Wood was
bornd in Hardin county Ky
november the 23 1815


Henry Clinton Morgan to
Emily M Wood
April the (1) 1858

Ezra Lee Morgan to
Mary E Atwood
July the 15 1891


Older Morgan Bible


David Morgan maried
To Marta Bunch
Augest 20. 1832

? Sparl S. Caver
was born May the 29. 1819
Maried the july the 10
Martha (?) Carter
born Augest the 1. 1837


Jorge Carter was
Born September
the 7. 1839

H.C Morgan born
January 13 1834

Susan Morgan
born June 20 1836

Lucy Jane Morgan
was born December
the 1. 1838

James Bunch
was born September
the 12th 1774

Lucy Brown was
born October the (?)

Martha A. Bunch
was born August
the 20th. 1811

Mary F. Morgan
was born August 9 1842