Sloan Bible

Sloan Bible, Carter & Rowan Co, Ky
Submitted by: Paul D. Rosebery
111 Thicket Lane
Palatka, Fla. 32177
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997

My great grandfather was Esbon Sloan, born in Rowan Co. Jan 27, 1828.
About 30 years ago my grandmother, Rosa Bell Coldiron Sloan gave me
Esbon's bible. I became interested in genealogy after I retired, a
year ago. The bible contains birth and marriage records, two letters
from Esbon's brother-in-law written in 1885 and 1886 and a Sloan
Family Tree. The items were copied exactly as written.

Also included is Eliza J. Enix Sloan's Obituary. My grandfather lived
in Carter Co. I think. The family tree was on a piece of paper, loose
in the bible. The names listed under 'Births' and 'Marriages' were
written on the pages of the bible. There are 7 tin type photos that I
have no idea who the people are. There are 2 receipts dated 1938, for
material for Thomas Harrison Sloan's casket and burial clothes.
Esbon died in 1899. Thomas H. Sloan was William B. Sloan's son and
died in Jan. 1938. The counties Esbon and his children lived in were
Carter and Rowan.

containing the
together with the
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Sloan Family Tree
Loose paper included in Sloan Bible

SLOAN Family Tree

John Sloan born Dec. 26,1792
died March 24, 1867
2nd Ohio Militia, War of 1812

Married Deborah Tubbs
born 1796 - died 1868

12 children:

Ira Sloan - Last heard of on Scioto River
Joseph - Lived and died in Davis County, Iowa
Esbon - Lived and died in Carter County, Kentucky
James - died single
John - married Nancy Whisman (Omer's mother)
Ruth - married Jacob Rush
Orinda - married Waldren Williams
Sarah - died single
Adaline - married Jacob Hawk
Benjamin - married A. Williams
Eli - married Eliza Ackley
Nancy - married Andrew Stannart


Esbon Sloan was borned Jan. 27, 1828
Eliza Jane Sloan was borned Mar. 28, 1843
George H. Sloan was borned Mar. 19, 1869
Iasaac A. Sloan was borned Jan. 13, 1873
Ella F. Sloan was borned May 17, 1874
William B. Sloan was borned Dec. 2, 1877
Matilda W. Sloan was borned Aug 16, 1879


Esbon Slone was married March 17, 1872 to Eliza J. Enix


Pratts Fork, Ohio Jan. 16, 1885
Mr. Esbon Sloan,

Dear, Sis
We have not heard from you for so long that we are anchious
to know how you all are hope you and family are all well this
leaves us all well. Sally as you know is living with us. I suppose
without dout you have herd of uncle Oliver Sloans death which
occured last spring Jacob Hawk, is married to the widow
Macnamee. Goyl is living with him John is married and lives
in Carthage Township this Co. Allen and Herman lives at present
at Aunt Mariller Sloans. Bennetts two oldest boys are in the west,
the oldest in Nebraska and the youngest in Missouri Bunt is with
his mother here the two girls as you know are married and live
near by we have had no word from Eli for a long time we heard that
Ina and Theopholis Sloan are both ded. Died in Missouri. David
Hawk has been here from Illinois this winter he reports five boys and
three girls eight in all (how is that for high)and all well and hearty
as for our children George lives at the Garden and has two children
a girl and a boy Sarah live near the BedfordChurch and has two girls
the winter here has been quite open with but little snow as yet this
month sofar has been wet and warm. Wheat looks very backword and
thin on the ground. Sally wants you to send her Doctor Cones Recipe
for Indigestion or Dyspepsy if you have it. Now Esbon tell us about
your Rail Road its name and the distance to your nearest station and
particular when we may look for you and Jane up her I will agree to
meet you at the Station any time you say. Hoping to hear from you son.
I remain as ever Yours
To Esbon Sloan and Family
W. S. Williams


Pratts Fork, Ohio
Feb. 16, 1886
Mr. Esbon Sloan,

Dear, Brother

It has been a long time since we heard from you but hope you & family
are well we are well here as usual. I have just had a severe attact of
rheumatism am better now, Sally has been complaining some with rheumatism
though she has been better this winter than she has been in a long time.
Orinda is so big and fat you would hardly know her. When you answer tell
us something about Ruth and her family if she still lives in Kentucky. We
have had quite an open winter sofar with but little frost this month I am
getting in logs for a saw set on the place to come after harvest next
corn here is woorth 45 to 50 cts per bush and wheat 75. The new crop of
wheat at this time does not look as well as I have saw wheat look in
other years roads here now are almost impassable mud so deep it has rained
more than half the time since this month come in hoping to hear from you by
return mail I remain as ever Yours. W. S. Williams


OBIT: Sloan, 1929


Time has come and passed, the death angel has been busy seeking with
its sickle that person whose time on earth has been spent, and whom
God has seen fit to call to their reward, and on last Tuesday, June 4,
visited at the home of Mrs. Eliza Jane Sloan, wife of Esbon Sloan, and
called her to take up her abode in heaven with those who had gone on
before her to dwell forever and forever.
Mrs Eliza Jane Sloan was born March 25, 1843, and died June 4, 1929,
at the ripe old age of 86 years, two months and ten days. She leaves
three sons, Alvin, George and Baldwin Sloan; two daughters, Mrs. Francis
Evans and Mrs. Matilda Evans; two brothers, J. P. Enix, of Missouri,
and T. J. Enix, of Green Forest, Arkansas; two sisters, Mrs. Lucinda
Hamilton, of Fitch and Mrs. A. Stamper of this city. Early in life she
chose the road that leads to life everlasting, and in the days when she
was and could be of service to her Maker she united with the Christian
church, and from that day to the time she was called she rendered service
for Him and lived a life of the Maker whose name is Christ Jesus. Her
life was one of example and when followed will be a reward for those
The funeral services were conducted at the family cemetery near the
old church on Flat Fork of Tygart Friday by Rev. May Reeder, after
which, surrounded by a large crowd of friends who knew and loved her
dearly, the remains were laid to rest.