Snawder Bible

BIBLE: Snawder, Bullitt & Jefferson Co's


Family Bible Records of Andrew Henry Snawder. He is the fourth son of
Thomas Schnatter (later anglocized to Snawder). Andrew was born in
Bullitt County, Kentucky. On 23 September 1995 I was presented Andrew
Snawder's Family Bible. The Bible had been handed down to Nancy Elen
Snawder who in return gave it to her oldest daughter Mary Frances
Christine Smith who in return passed it on to her only child Joseph B.
Smith and he passed it on to his daughter Emilyn Elizabeth Smith who
became a Carmelite Nun in the early 1980's and she became Sister John
of the Cross. I found Emilyn Elizabeth in 1993 and started corresponding
with her reference my research. She passed away on 16 July 1995, she
died intestate. I was contacted by Mother Mary Ann of the Cross who
notified me of her death. I told Mother Mary Ann I was very interested
in the Bible. The Bible was sent to me and was received on the 23
September 1995. The copyright page states the following:

The Holy Bible, containing The OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS: Translated out
of the ORIGINAL TONGUES, and with the former translations dilegently
compared and revised. Stereotype Edition. New York: Stereotyped by

On the first fly leaf page is entered the following:
Katharine Snawder was born the 29th of June 1807 and a line is drawn
below that and the name of Nancy E. Christine appears.
The last two fly leafs in the Bible have all of Andrew and Katharine
Snawder's children and their dates of birth.

William T. Snawder was born Nov 1st 1825
Sarah Jane Snawder was born the 13th of October 1828
Celia Ann Snawder was born the 28th of March 1831
John W. Snawder was born the 7th of February 1833
Nancy Elen Snawder was born the 2ond of June 1834
Eliza Ann Snawder was born the 13th of December 1836
Mary Elizabeth Snawder was born the 1st of June 1840
Luicrecy Snawder was born the 7th of June 1842
Maria Francis Snawder was born the 9th of March 1847
Henry Z. T. Snawder was born the February 15th 1851

On the last page of the Bible it reads...
Andrew Snawder Holy Bible March the 23rd 1848 and his... the last word
is unreadable but appears to be testament and ... and is then followed
by scribbling with a quill.
Below this inscription is Emilyn E. Smith Born Feb 4, 1930.
Inside the Bible there are two locks of hair blond tied with satin
In the book of Revelations, page 155, Chapter VI., verse 8,
And I looked, and behold, a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him
was death, and hell followed with him...
(Written in the margin is the date April 12, 1861- This is the date
that the South opened fire on Fort Sumter and the Civil War began.)
The second son of Andrew is John Wesley Snawder (who after 1860
started recording his last name as SNOWDER) is my great great grandfather.
Everything shown above is copied as it found in the Bible. The Bible
is leather bound and other than the pages getting brittle and starting
to turn brownish in color, is in extremely good condition.

Submitted by T. J. Bynum