Corn Stalk Militia


This information was originally on Jo Thiessen's personal website. Prior to her death, she requested that I copy the information and ensure that it would always be available for KY researchers. Since the information does not relate to a single KY county, it has been added to the state site.

Source: B.O. Gaines' History of Scott County, Kentucky, Vol. I, page 98. Published 1904.

One of the early and most important laws passed by the Legislature was the establishment of militias, over which the Governor was given almost absolute control. These militias were established for the same purpose that State Guards are used for now, in suppressing riots, mobs, etc. A regiment being unlimited. Each regiment was required to muster once a year. Preachers, cashiers of banks, printers and court officers were the only ones exempt from duty, and nearly every male over sixteen years old was required to do duty or else fined. Sheriffs collected the fines and the County Courts settled with Paymasters for the services of musicians and drummers and the county's pro rata of officers' salaries.

The Uniforms Adopted.
The Captains and subaltern officers, a deep blue hunting shirt and pantaloons, with red trimmings, half boots or gaiters, round black hat, black cockade, red plume, and small sword or hanger. Chaplains, Surgeons and Surgeon's Mate not required to wear same. Captains to wear one epaulette on right shoulder and subaltern officer on left shoulder. There were two regiments in LScott county - the 77th Regiment in 1811 and the 12th Regiment in 1820. Settlements with the Paymasters by the Scott County Courts will be found as follows:

77th Regiment Kentucky Militia.
A settlement with the Paymaster of the 77th Regiment Militia was this day, December 2d, 1811, returned to the Scott County Court and ordered to be recorded as follows, to- wit:

Paymaster's certificate No. 1, dated March 5, 1810
To cash paid Col. John C. Webb, certificate No.2 for Drum Major services, date March 5th, 1810
To cash paid Col. John C. Webb, certificate No. 5, for Major 's services dated July 2d
Paid Sheriff for Commission
Amount of fines collected by Capt. L. West on his Company
Paymaster's commission
Amount of delinquents returned by Sheriff
Amount of fines and returned to paymaster for 1810
Settled the above act as per above statement, 2d November, 1811, witness our hand. John C. Webb, Liet. Col., Com. 77th Regt. Ky. Militia. R. M. Gano, Maj. 1st Batallion, 77th Regt. Ky. Militia. Josiah Pitts, Paymaster, 77th Regiment, Ky. Militia.